Taryn Fagerness Agency is proud to work with the following foreign co-agents:

UK – Abner Stein Agency
Germany – Agence Hoffman
Spain/Brazil/Portugal/Latin America – Sandra Bruna Agencia Literaria
France – La Nouvelle Agency
Israel – The Book Publishers Association of Israel
Italy – The Italian Literary Agency
The Netherlands/Scandinavia – Mo Literary Agency
Poland – Graal Ltd.
Russia/Baltic States – Synopsis Literary Agency
Greece – Read n' Right Agency
Hungary – Lex Copyright Office
Czech/Slovakia – Kristin Olson Literary Agency
Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia – Jill Hughes
Bulgaria, Macedonia – Anthea
Turkey – Onk Agency
Japan – English Agency of Japan
China/Taiwan – Bardon Chinese Media
Korea – Eric Yang Agency
Thailand/Vietnam – Arika Interrights Agency
Indonesia – Maxima Creative Agency
The fabulous ladies of Agence Hoffman, Taryn Fagerness Agency's German co-agency. Visit to Munich March 2010.
Taryn Fagerness and Norbert Uzseka of Lex Copyright Office, Taryn Fagerness Agency's Hungarian co-agency. Frankfurt Book Fair 2010.
Taryn Fagerness and Santo Manurung of
Maxima Creative Agency, Indonesia. Frankfurt
Book Fair 2012.