Taryn Fagerness Agency, located in Tacoma, WA, offers one year-long unpaid internship a year. The next internship will start in June. The internship requires 10 hours of time a week (some in office) and one book a week as reading homework. 

The internship offers an exciting, hands-on opportunity to learn about the worlds of both domestic and foreign book publishing and life at a very busy boutique literary agency. Taryn Fagerness Agency provides interns with opportunities to strategize selling books to foreign markets, interact with clients and foreign co-agents, create reader reports and sales materials, and much more. Many of the Agency’s interns have gone on to secure positions in publishing after the internship. This publishing internship is extremely rare for the Seattle/Tacoma area, and even for the West Coast. If you're interested, please submit a cover letter and resume to taryn.fagerness@gmail.com 

-- Some college education
-- Avid book reader with some experience reading YA, middle grade, children's books. Interest in romance is a plus! 
-- Excellent writing skills
-- Excellent critical thinking skills
-- Insanely amazing attention to detail and a commitment to consistency 
-- A professional, outgoing, intelligent, opinionated personality
-- A self-starter who gets things done and doesn’t require constant supervision 
-- A willingness to work in a somewhat unusual workspace (ie my home office)
-- A computer with wireless capabilities that you are willing to bring to work 

“I’ve learned so much throughout my internship with the Taryn Fagerness Agency. Taryn is a phenomenal mentor who is so openly passionate not only about her work, but about sharing what she’s learned throughout her career with others. She enthusiastically teaches about the foreign market and the publishing industry, tailoring the internship to each different intern’s needs and interests. I’ve learned a wide variety of skills and this experience has instilled me with the confidence to pursue a career in the publishing industry. The length of the internship means that, to an extent, you can see the full circle of the industry. It’s so satisfying to collect blurbs on books you read and wrote pitches for months before or to see international copies of books you looked over deals for. I’m incredibly grateful that my formal introduction to this industry was in the form of such a fun, engaging, and thoroughly educational internship.” – former intern Nicole Craswell 

"Interning with Taryn was absolutely amazing, and I would 100% do it again! Since this internship was an entire year, it didn’t feel like this was just something to fill a spot on my resume. It felt like an apprenticeship. Especially because Taryn took the time to make sure she was teaching me about the different aspects of foreign rights, and she always answered all my questions. I know so much more about foreign and domestic publishing, contracts, rights, and royalties, and after a year here I feel confident about pursuing a career in publishing. This is definitely a rare opportunity to learn about publishing and I feel extremely lucky to have interned here!"  – former intern Britt Siess 

"This was hands-down the best internship I’ve had! Previously I’d held quarterly internship positions, where it felt like as soon as I was getting the hang of things, the ten weeks were up and I was done before I knew it. Not so with Taryn. Because I spent so much time here, I was able to build on existing skills and learn new tasks. There is so much to do and learn within this internship. Whether I was helping Taryn pitch a book to a foreign territory or working with royalties and contracts, I always felt like I was learning something new. Taryn is an awesome boss, and I’m leaving this internship feeling confident in my knowledge of foreign publishing, all thanks to her." – former intern Erin Hoffman 

“This internship was absolutely fabulous!  I came into the experience simply wanting to gain a better understanding of the publishing industry and I came away with that and so much more.  I truly feel as though my time at TFA has given me the experience and the skills I need to pursue a successful career in the future.  And it’s such a cool industry to gain experience in!  I loved walking into Barnes & Noble and seeing books that I had looked up praise blurbs for the day before.  But most importantly, I loved working with Taryn!  She is nothing short of fantastic, and her outstanding patience and her insight to this industry made my experience that much more rewarding.” – former intern Lauren Smith              
"My experience at TFA was fantastic! Taryn was a wonderful mentor. She is positive, professional, and always willing to answer questions. She also possesses a huge amount of knowledge that she generously, and often humorously, shares. Under Taryn’s wing I was able to vastly improve my writing, marketing, and general business skills, and really get a feel for this exciting industry. And, on top of everything else, I also got to read some fabulous books! Overall, this was a great introduction to the world of agenting and foreign rights. I have a feeling that the skills I’ve acquired at TFA will be invaluable in the future!" – former intern Clare Hutchinson

"An absolutely exceptional internship! I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to intern at TFA, and to have worked with Taryn. When it comes to foreign rights, to knowing what will sell in any given region throughout the world, she’s the best! Just listening to her insights will teach you a great deal about foreign rights and the publishing world!" – former intern Stephanie Padilla 

"I’m sitting here at my new desk at the University of Wisconsin Press and I’m realizing just how unbelievably important my internship at TFA was to my understanding of the publishing world. Holy cow. Thank you, thank you!” 
– former intern Elena Spagnolie

"While working as an intern at the Taryn Fagerness Agency I was fortunate enough to learn the basics of subsidiary rights, a complicated yet essential part of publishing that a limited number of professionals are familiar with. I had hands on experience with foreign rights and film rights materials and contact with agents, scouts, foreign co-agents, and foreign publishers (something which few other internships offer.) Not only did I receive a crash course in subsidiary rights, I also learned a great deal about agenting and the publishing industry as a whole. One of the greatest benefits of an internship with the Taryn Fagerness Agency is that you get to read remarkable manuscripts in nearly every genre. Not only did I develop better marketing, writing, and business skills with Taryn’s aid, I also gained a well-rounded education in publishing that will benefit me long into the future." – former intern Taryn McCallan 

“My internship with Taryn Fagerness Agency was a fantastic learning experience. As a Foreign Rights Intern I had a great window into various aspects of the publishing industry, as at any given moment you may be dealing with domestic agents (e.g. assessing the foreign potential of a project), foreign co-agents (e.g. pitching a title), or reviewing a contract from a publisher. Also, thanks to TFA’s terrific clients I had the opportunity to read many exciting projects that enriched my idea of what makes a great story.  Most importantly, Taryn’s shared insights allowed me to come away with a strong sense of what makes a story sell and what makes a story sell in the foreign market (and the knowledge that these can be two very different things!). An invaluable experience!” 
– former intern Sara Sciuto 

Taryn Fagerness Agency is currently accepting resumes for the internship!